Computer Monitoring Software

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Nov 282015


SpyAgent is an advanced computer monitoring system that is backed by many prestigious awards. It is a powerful monitoring tool that will provide you with all the answers that you need about the user’s computer activity. This system is great for parents who want to ensure their child’s safety. Employers who want to keep track of what their employees are doing while at work. A spouse who has become suspicious about their significant others behavior.

Thanks to SpyAgent thousands of individuals has received the answers that they need. You can too, but to make sure this is the monitoring system for you, check out the overview of what SpyAgent can do.

Feature overview

SyAgent is made up of a diverse amount of features that will leave no stone left unturned.

  • Logs websites visited with a time stamp that will provide the details of the duration of the users’ time on that website.
  • Logs all on line earaches that are preformed.
  • Logs all programs and applications used while on the computer.
  • Gain access to all social media and chat conversations, as well as any files that are shared. You also have the ability to record conversations.
  • See all files that are accessed, and a print log.
  • Log all windows that are opened and mouse clicks.
  • All incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Check the activity, as well as the inactivity of the user while on the computer.
  • Capture passwords as they are typed in.
  • All monitoring is done in stealth mode.
  • Logs can be accessed from a remote location.
  • Screenshot recording is available.
  • Retrieve all webcam ad microphone activity.
  • Block websites, applications, and chats.
  • Receive instant alerts by email when the user is engaging in a behavior that you disapprove of.


There is so much more that this amazing monitoring system can do, these are just some of the highlighted features that current customers enjoy.

Easy to Use

Another thing that customers love about SpyAgent is the easy to use interface that Spytech has created. Setup for this monitoring system can be completed within seconds. There is a built in configuration wizard and intuitive graphical interface, which aids in making this software simplistic and easy to use. This software can even pep up a slow moving PC.

Intuitive Interface

The interface is set up with labeled buttons and icons to take all the guessing out of where to go to perform a specified activity.

Easy Configuration Wizard

easy configuration wizard

This helps the set up of the software to run smoothly, and it is directly responsible for the setup only taking seconds to complete.

SpyAgent is the best solution for monitoring all computer activity. If you are in need of a powerful monitoring software that will dig deep into the user’s activity and provide you with easy to read logs, then SpyAgent is for you. Knowledge is key, and when you learn what is truly going on while the user is on the computer, it makes it easy to enforce punishments to counteract the user’s behavior.


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iPhone Monitoring Software

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Nov 272015

mobile spyMobile Spy software was introduced to Apple iPhones in 2008. They were the first spy software to be offered for iPhones. They continue to lead the way in the monitoring software industry, and have released 7 different updates over the years. They are always looking for ways to improve monitoring on iPhones. It is now compatible with iOS 9.

Note: The iPhone need to be jailbroken prior to installing it. You cannot use it if the iPhone is not jailbroken.

Mobile Spy is directly loaded to your child’s iPhone. This is the only time you will physically have to have the phone in hand. Once the app is installed, it runs in “stealth mode”. The iPhone user will never know they are being tracked.

Mobile Spy gives you the ability to monitor and spy on an iPhone in real time. All activity will be logged and sent to the online control panel. Logs can be accessed from any PC. The software also logs GPS location points according to a time frame that you set. You can also monitor an iPad or iPod with Mobile Spy.

LIVE Control Panel

Mobile Spy LIVE Control Panel

Mobile spy has a premium option, which includes the advanced feature of Live Control panel. This feature will allow you to access the iPhone’s screen and track the phone in real-time. Plus, you will gain the ability to send commands to the monitored iPhone, and have the option to get logs sent to your email.

Wondering what your child is doing while you are away is a thing of the pass. It doesn’t matter if it is a child or employee, you will be able to get the information you need. This is a terrific feature for employers because they can track their off-site workers. Parents will be able to see if their teen is texting while driving.

The iPhone will be viewed like a television. Best of all, you will be able to record audio of the iPhone’s surroundings. The GPS feature will allow you to view the exact location of the iPhone user on a map. You can even access the phones camera and take some spy pics. Mobile Spy has a lot of features for the software users to enjoy.

What You Get

Mobile Spy cares about their customers, so they ensure that they get the proper support that is needed to make monitoring an iPhone a success. For as long as you carry your Mobile Spy subscription you will have access to:

  • Instant Download – Once you complete your order, downloading begins instantly. You may ask for a new download at any time.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions – A guide that will step you through how to set up your software and use it to get maximum benefits.
  • Tech Support – Support can be reached by phone or live chat.
  • Free Updates – As upgrades are introduced, you will receive them.

To learn more please go to their website at

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Spot the Dot

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May 242012

Spot the Dot

Spot the Dot – Pop-up master and best-selling children’s author, David A. Carter, adapts his creative genius to his very first app. This eye-popping, interactive app invites toddlers and preschoolers to learn colors as they “spot the dot” in fun, engaging and highly varied interactive play spaces. Tap the screen and simple shapes move to create patterns in bright, clean hues that will captivate as well as educate children. Can YOU find the yellow, red, blue, brown, purple, pink, green, orange, black and white dots?

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