Reach for the APPs

We founded Reach for the APPs when we learned that iPads and associated applications can assist in the development of learning and social skills. Unfortunately, the majority of schools that serve students with special needs lack the funds to provide them to their students.

Our 10-year-old nephew has increased his verbal skills dramatically, as a direct result of using his iPad along with APPs chosen especially for him by his therapist. However, he wasn’t allowed to use his iPad in school since it is personal property. Because his school doesn’t have enough iPads to go around, he is without one at school. This motivated us to start working to get more iPads into the schools.

iPads are not inexpensive, however they are less expensive than many augmentative communication devices, and they offer so many possibilities for children with autism and spectrum disorders.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to helping a school near you!

– Nancy and Marc

Parents of two children and two human-like Saint Bernards, Nancy and Marc recently moved from New York to California. Nancy has enjoyed a career in direct, catalog and web marketing, and Marc has an extensive background launching and running businesses in a variety of industries.