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Computer Monitoring Software

SpyAgent is an advanced computer monitoring system that is backed by many prestigious awards. It is a powerful monitoring tool that will provide you with all the answers that you need about the user’s computer activity. This system is great for parents who want to ensure their child’s safety. Employers who want to keep track…
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iPhone Monitoring Software

Mobile Spy software was introduced to Apple iPhones in 2008. They were the first spy software to be offered for iPhones. They continue to lead the way in the monitoring software industry, and have released 7 different updates over the years. They are always looking for ways to improve monitoring on iPhones. It is now…
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Spot the Dot

Spot the Dot – Pop-up master and best-selling children’s author, David A. Carter, adapts his creative genius to his very first app. This eye-popping, interactive app invites toddlers and preschoolers to learn colors as they “spot the dot” in fun, engaging and highly varied interactive play spaces. Tap the screen and simple shapes move to…
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